Up Front Pricing

For your convenience, we've listed our pricing information for the services we provide.

PC Tune-Up, Clean Hard Drive of Temp & log files, remove unwanted programs, Defrag, etc. $CALL $CALL
Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal Clean Hard Drive of Infections (includes backup of data...if possible) $CALL $CALL
System Reload (w/o backup)Reload PC/Laptop with restore partition or factory CDs (customer provided,must have COA $CALL $CALL
System Reload (w/backup)Backup customer files (i.e. Documents, Music, Pictures, etc); Reload PC/Laptop with restore partition or factory CDs (customer provided, must have COA) $CALL $CALL
Back Data Customer choice: Backup to CD,DVD,Flash,Ext.HD (customer provided or purchased) $CALL $CALL
Software Install (other than OS)Install application (i.e. Printer drivers, Ipod/Itunes, etc.) $CALL $CALL
Upgrade Evaluate Inspect system for OS upgrade or resource demanding applications (i.e. Gaming) $CALL $CALL
Hardware Install (Internal)Install internal hardware device (i.e. additional Hard drive, CD/DVD ROM, NIC, etc.) $CALL $CALL
Hardware Install (External)Install external hardware devices (i.e. Printer, Scanner, Camera, etc. - includes installation of factory software) $CALL $CALL
Hardware Diagnostics Determine Problems (includes repair quote) $CALL $CALL
Software Diagnostics Determine Problems (reload needed software) $CALL $CALL
Wired Router Install/Setup Test Router (includes How-To-Manger) $100.00 first PC (Additional PC's $50.00/ea)
Wireless Router Install/Setup Test Wireless Router (includes How-To-Manger) $100.00 first PC (Additional PC's $50.00/ea)
Network Printing Install (Independent or Shared) $100.00 first PC (Additional PC's $50.00/ea)